complete aircraft interior service with more than 30 years of experience.


Executive Aircraft Interiors, Inc. is a complete aircraft interior service with more than 30 years of experience. We specialize in partial to complete interiors customized to fit your specific needs and liking. 
We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality refurbishment through our dedicated services. Our Services Include a Complete Line of Aircraft Interior.


  • All Upholstery
  • Complete Redesign / Service of Seats (using soft imported leather)
  • Full / Partial Carpet Replacement (using ONLY 100% wool carpet)
  • Complete Line of Overhead Material:
          - Ultra Suede       - Ultra Leather      -Wool Fabric      - Silk      - Avia Suede      - Isit Leather
  • Super Sound Proofing
  • Re-webbing Seat Belts
  • Fire Blocking


  • Custom Cabinetry with the Customer's Choice of Laminate (Veneer or Formica)
  • Custom Designs
  • Special Counter Tops and Sink, etc.

    We provide our customers with an option of add-on services that include all interior hardware. For example, the Finest Quality, Style and Color Platings (gold, silver, copper, nickel and many more) on air gaspers, light fixures, cup holders, ashtray, light switches, and seat buckles.

    We have a large selection of aircraft quality fabric from the best suppliers in the business. Our customers select from the finest leathers, fabrics, carpets, and wood laminated. All materials used comply with the Federal Aviation Regulation #25.853(a)(b) and we provide burn test certification on each material used in the aircraft.

    Executive Aircraft Interiors, Inc. will provide you with complete satisfaction, guarantee, and contentment.